About Daniel

Daniel was born in Dallas on July 19, 1987. He and his family have lived between the United States and Lebanon. Most recently, Daniel and his mother, Mona, were living in Austin, Texas as Daniel was finishing up his last two years of High School. Daniel graduated the youngest in his class, at age 16, in May of 2004. Shortly after words, on June 13, 2004, he sustained a severe high level cervical spinal cord injury. This has left Daniel without feeling and movement anywhere below his upper chest line in his body and without feeling and movement below his wrists in his arms.

Before his injury, Daniel's main interests included cars and comedy. Daniel is well known for his knowledge of car repair and had bought a 22 year old classic BMW and was repairing it when his accident occurred. He is also well known for his sense of humor and light heartedness. Daniel was also attending summer classes at community college at the time of his injury.